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Outside Van For Sale

Outside Van

For over 30 years, the founder of Outside Van built vans that facilitated his adventurous lifestyle. Whether it was surfing, snowboarding, or biking, the vans were specifically designed to meet his personal needs. Officially established in 2007, outside van has evolved into a flourishing business and was acquired in 2021 by Fox Factory helping elevate the brand into a leader in the custom van conversion industry.


With a focus on quality and customer service, we produce over 100 custom van conversions per year. Each custom designed vehicle we put onto the road is hand-built to meet our customers needs.


Our team of over 75 individuals is comprised of some of the industry’s most creative, productive, and experienced professionals. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, our staff has the perfect combination of unique skillsets. With a majority of components being designed and built in-house, expertise in every field is essential to our success.


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